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Lahore Axis Container Services (Pvt) Ltd

frieghtLacs is axis container service facility in Lahore, Pakistan. Our facility is offering a complete solution for container management for carriers by emphasising the optimum use of technology to ensure real time information is exchanged timely. Services offered by LACS are as follows

    • Container Storage
    • Repairs and Transportation

Empty Park

  • Location: 32Km Multan Road near Sundar Adda Lahore.
  • Area: 11.5 acres
  • Capacity: 4200 units stacking area
  • Safety: Marked with walk ways
  • Security: 24 hours armed guards & surrounding walls
  • Equipments: Kalmar empty handler with 6 high stacking capacity
  • Service: Round the clock (24/7)


Maintenance & Repair Services

LACS is First Container terminal introducing IICL standards damage repair in Punjab Region. All the Repair work is carried out under IICL Certified Personnel. M&R division of LACS is well equipped to carry out following jobs:

  • Container inspection
  • Dirty Container washing
  • Shot Blasting & Painting
  • Refurbishment Dry Steel Boxes Repair
  • Palletizing and Packaging

LACS Clients

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