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Lahore Axis Container Services (Pvt) Ltd

frieghtAt Lahore Axis Container Services, our conviction is to create an idealistic environment to protect carrier containers while at stay. We ensure transparent operation and real time information exchange with our valued customers.
LACS develop long-term business relations to be a dominant Container Depot. Facilitating our valued clients with our most efficient and advanced system of container storage, transport and distribution.
LACS is the first empty terminal in Lahore to operate on international standards and offer state of the art handling equipment , we have done away with the conventional crane operation at all Lahore terminals thus increasing terminal efficiency and reducing truck turn-around time from hours to minutes

We offer the following services:

    • Container Storage
    • Repairs and Transportation
    • Reefer Services
    • Empty Transport


Empty Parks
  • Location:32Km Multan Road near Sundar Adda Lahore
  • Area:10 acres
  • Capacity:5000 units stacking area
  • Safety: Marked with walk ways
  • Security:24 hours armed guards & surrounding walls
  • Equipment:Kalmar empty handler with 6 high stacking capacity
  • Service: Round the clock (24/7)
Maintenance & Repair Services
LACS, a pioneer Container Depot to launch IICL damage repair in Punjab Region. The IICL certified professionals are there to execute repair work in a smart way. M&R division of LACS is well equipped to carry out the following jobs:

  • Container inspection
  • Dirty container washing
  • Shot blasting & painting
  • Refurbishment dry steel boxes repair
  • Palletizing and packaging

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